The work with the Biophoton-Realignment-Mirrors
after Renzo Celani

The mirrors are a therapeutic tool that has made deep lasting treatments possible and easy.

In a mirror treatment, we re-inform the body with its own ordered coherent light. Photons emanating from disturbed body parts are filtered and then reflected back with new signals of order and information. This means, we infect an incoherent system in the "positive" sense with coherence.

This way, a faulty system can function properly again and health can be adjusted.

Every single mirror has its optimum area of influence. They complement each other and thus cover together the widest possible spectrum of light.

The light particles are arranged by a so-called filter. Without a built-in or pre-screwed filter, we do not perform any treatments. The filter ensures that the light is reflected coherently and thus ordered and health promoting.

If one were to treat without such a filter, incoherent and therefore pathogenic light could be reflected back. What happens then, we do not know. However, there is a possibility that a mirror without filter may cause or increase disease.

What we strive for is order, i.e. for optimum information flow, coherence and therefore maximum effectiveness.

Current article about the Biophoton Mirrors (published in the Raum & Zeit) 
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Article published in the journal "Der Heilpraktiker", issue 6/2018 
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Legal Notice

We are obliged to point out to you that the effectiveness of Biophoton Realignment Mirror therapy is scientifically controversial and conventional medicine has not yet recognized it. We expressly point out that we make no promises of healing. Since these treatment methods are not listed in the catalog of remedies, they can not be offset by a health insurance prescription.

We also inform you that our treatments do not replace a doctor's visit, a visit to a health practitioner or other therapist, and no conventional medical treatment. If you suspect illness, consult your doctor or alternative practitioner. Ongoing treatment with your doctor, alternative practitioner or other therapist should therefore not be interrupted, cancelled, postponed or omitted.