Biophoton Realignment Mirrors
Die Biophotonen Spiegel Technik.

The Association of Mirror Therapists

We are therapists who all work with the mirrors and are constantly exchanging information with each other. Each of us works in our own environment, with people who find themselves in our practices, enriching us daily with new experiences and insights.

Since the growing influx of patients, interested parties, therapists and enthusiasts is steadily increasing and the rush could hardly be handled alone, Renzo has decided to confidently place the introduction and placement of the Biophoton Realignment Mirror technique in our hands.

So the idea arose that always 2 or 3 of us users and now mediators of the method offer a basic course in our area/location. So there is always an introductory course somewhere near us. Renzo continues to do the advanced courses for those who want to stay tuned and want to know more.

This page is intended to help you find us, to know who is offering a course and where to make it possible for friends and acquaintances in their area to get to know us and to receive treatments.

But beware, working with the mirrors is contagious and it can happen that you do not want to work anything different anymore. At least some people have experienced it like that ...

Anyone who already works with the mirrors as a therapist has the opportunity to register in our list of therapists.